Today we closed

Friends, today when whole world was celebrating Rose day… I was thinking whether to or not to close It was really a very hard decision, to make. is one of the most beautiful site I ever created. My life’s journey as a web developer has begun with the development of MeraCampus. Mera Campus I still remember, we were in third semester of Diploma College, when this idea popped up in my mind. The concept was to never attend college, but still we should be connected with college. So to make the life easier of daily bunker, we decided to start a blog to update us what’s going on college’s notice board. The idea really hit the mark, we were getting huge response. The audience has demanded more… and we extended it to engineering college.

First Mera Campus Team, from top to bottom: Hement, Rahul, Kapil, Waleed, Hari Maurya, Rakesh, Ateeque, Omair, Dharm )
First Mera Campus Team,
from top to bottom: Hement, Rahul, Kapil, Waleed, Hari Maurya, Rakesh, Ateeque, Omair, Dharm )

But something happened… We all got busy with our daily life, education, career… then we stop working on the site. It was not active for last 3 years. I have received lots of mail from you guys, asking to update the content, upload new stuff. So because of inactivity from our side and as no longer we are willing to update it in future, we have decided to close it down.

But, Kahani abhi khatam nahi hui… picture abhi baki hai mere dost.

Remember one thing, we have closed it temporary, not shutdown permanently. So, we are promising to you that we will be back very soon. The concept is same, but it will be different this time.

So stay tune… for my next update. Thanks.

One more BlackBerry Dev Alpha B

Received one more Dev Alpha B from BlackBerry and Sencha. Thanks BlackBerry and Sencha for this awesome device.

Dev Alpha B


Device Specifications:

Processor: Dual Core 1.5 Ghz T1 OMAP 4470

Radio : Quad band HSPA / UMTS (850/900/1900/200 MHz) , Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)

Display: 4.2” 1280 x 768 resolution. 356 PPI 24bit color 15:9

Camera: 8MP with Flash , 2MP front facing camera

Memory: 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash + Hot swappable MicroSD slot

Wi-Fi : 802.11 /b/n 2.4GHz/5Ghz

GPS: Autonomous & A-GPS

Connectivity: NFC, Micro USB, Micro HDMI out, DLNA, Bluetoth 4.0 LE

Battery: 1800mAh Removable

Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Face detect for Phone calls

Chat with yourself – WhatsApp Bug or Feature

I don’t much use WhatsApp GROUP feature. It’s just, I don’t like that how every time it notify me for every single message. So to avoid this, there’s two option either you ‘Mute’ that particular group or ‘Delete’ it. I choose ‘Delete’ feature. But this is not the reason why I have written this article.

So, today one of my friend has invited me to his newly created Group on WhatsApp. As there were only two three people in group, I didn’t delete or Mute it.

Instead of this, I started exploring the WhatsApp GROUP features and functionality. I came across to WhatsApp’s “Group Info” section where I can see Group Title, Creation date, Media Section and list of Participants.

I scrolled down to my name, and tapped on my profile. Then voila, I can chat with myself!!!


As far I know, you can’t chat with yourself on same device from any Chat application. But this feature OR bug allows you to send message to yourself.

WhatsApp Guys, if this is the Bug then fix it. Take your time as you want as it doesn’t harm anything. But if it’s a feature then it’s good. Atleast you got someone always online to receive your message :)

Application Tested on:

Platform: BlackBerry Z10
OS Version:
WhatsApp version: 2.11.66

How to reproduce same action:

  1. Launch WhatsApp from your BlackBerry 10 Device
  2. Go to any group that you have joined
  3. Go to ‘Group Info’ section
  4. Tap on your Profile
  5. That’s all… have a nice chat with yourself

Oh Yes ABHI Shot 60 sec

Oh Yes ABHI Cast

Presenting ‘Oh Yes ABHI Shot 60 sec ‘, a film Created by me. This time it’s for ‘Pepsi Shot 60 sec’ contest. The rule was clear, I had to create a story, choose the cast & music, select the location, Shoot and Edit the videos for making a Not-More-Than 60 sec video film within 24 hrs.

Like all my previous work, this film is also shot from the Camera borrowed from The-Person-I-Never-Talked-Before for which I heartily thanks to Mr. Mannan Kadri for his amazing Canon and Nokia C7.

Well I have done it and now waiting for the Judges review, Fingers crossed.

The experience was amazing, we had lots of masti during the making of this film, will write about it in more details in next post. Till then, enjoy the film and let me know what you think.

About Story

The story is about friends who-die-for-each-other, for whom spending times with friends are more than doing any other things in the universe.

The film talks about a guy (played by Arjun) who is waiting for a train at railway station, going back to his home town, then suddenly a friend popup from his smartphone and wished if “they could have 1 more day of fun”. Taking a sip of Pepsi, Arjun thought if that’s what we want then why not Abhi ishi waqt. He typed a message “Jis waqt jo dil kare wo tabhi kyun nahi, ishi waqt ishi jagah, abhi kyun nahi ‘and sent it to all his friends. Upon receiving the message all his friends (played by Diptesh, Nitish, Mannan, Pawan) jumped out of whatever they were doing and started running towards their local hangout place. Now everyone is at Hangout place, hugging – talking to each other and celebrating their last meet with Pepsi.

That’s all about the Idea. Hope you’ll like it.

About Film

Created / Directed by: Hari Maurya

Cast (in order of appearance): Arjun Maurya, Diptesh Kumble, M. Pawan kumar, Nitish Mahadik, S. Mannan Kadri.

Location: Ratnagiri

Music: Original Pepsi Oh Yes Abhi Soundtrack by Pepsi

My Windows Store App Experience goes live on Microsoft Developer Facebook Page

Friends, last week I had posted about my featured story on Microsoft’s website… well this time it gets even better. Microsoft India  has published my complete Windows store App Development experience on their Microsoft Developer Facebook page.

Windows 8 Developer Experience

You may read the complete article over here.