Chat with yourself – WhatsApp Bug or Feature

I don’t much use WhatsApp GROUP feature. It’s just, I don’t like that how every time it notify me for every single message. So to avoid this, there’s two option either you ‘Mute’ that particular group or ‘Delete’ it. I choose ‘Delete’ feature. But this is not the reason why I have written this article.

So, today one of my friend has invited me to his newly created Group on WhatsApp. As there were only two three people in group, I didn’t delete or Mute it.

Instead of this, I started exploring the WhatsApp GROUP features and functionality. I came across to WhatsApp’s “Group Info” section where I can see Group Title, Creation date, Media Section and list of Participants.

I scrolled down to my name, and tapped on my profile. Then voila, I can chat with myself!!!


As far I know, you can’t chat with yourself on same device from any Chat application. But this feature OR bug allows you to send message to yourself.

WhatsApp Guys, if this is the Bug then fix it. Take your time as you want as it doesn’t harm anything. But if it’s a feature then it’s good. Atleast you got someone always online to receive your message 🙂

Application Tested on:

Platform: BlackBerry Z10
OS Version:
WhatsApp version: 2.11.66

How to reproduce same action:

  1. Launch WhatsApp from your BlackBerry 10 Device
  2. Go to any group that you have joined
  3. Go to ‘Group Info’ section
  4. Tap on your Profile
  5. That’s all… have a nice chat with yourself

4 thoughts on “Chat with yourself – WhatsApp Bug or Feature

  1. that may work for blackberry but not all android allows you to chat with yourself. well you can try out my way if you an android user.

    go to dial pad and dial your phone number, disconnect it and then try to send message using the call log, it will give you all the possible options available for messages, there you will see whatsapp too. just click on it and chose only once. volla you are done and ready to send message to yourself.

  2. Save ur in contactlist ,in contact settings make √tick in WhatsApp contacts option ,see ur contact in contact list now,it will also show WhatsApp message & whtsapp call option now with ur contact in ur contact list, send any message and proceed.

  3. How to know What’s App group created date.

    Ex:- I created one group few months back. So, now i want to see the date. I don’t want to do every time top which my Group….

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