I was a part of World’s 1st Windows 8 Camp

On 2nd March, The Park Hotel Hyderabad – More than 270 Windows Enthusiast were get together to celebrate the World’s first Exclusive Windows 8 camp program in India. It was indeed a great pleasure to be the part of this Exclusive Windows 8 Camp program along with few MSP including Sreekant Nandakumar, Mayank Birla, Shreyas Goonay, Pratik Toshniwal, Kunal Mehta, Nawaz Dhandala, Harsha Nihanth.

Hari, Sreekant , Shreyas, Harish (Director Technical Evangelism), Mayank, Kunal, Pratik, Nawaz

The Camp was organized in Hyderabad, India from March 2nd – 3rd, 2012 at the Park Hotel.  Primarily, the event focused on introducing Windows 8 and guiding the  principle of building a ‘Metro Style’ app to a chosen set of technical/developer audience. During the Camp, Microsoft Experts shared exclusive content related to metro Style App development on Windows 8.

The Amazing part of the camp was 24-hours-no-sleep-just-code session i.e Hackathon. Within 24hrs, We had to build an Metro Style application based on our suggested Idea.  Microsoft team were guiding us step by step and helping us by reviewing and suggesting more ideas to built our app. The Guidance were so clean, simple and quite easy to learn the development process of Metro Style application. Most of the audience including me were succeeded in building our first Metro Style Application.

While participant were showcasing their app idea on 3rd march morning, i got a chance to premiere my new short film i.e. I Love Windows Phone in front of  that huge audience.

Overall the camp was awesome, Informative and would like to thanks to the Microsoft Windows 8 Camp India team and media agency for all their efforts to make this event a huge success.

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