Presenting “Nightout – An Untold Story” – a short film by me and my team

Nightout - Short film by Phata Code Team

Friends, presenting another short film created by me and my team at Phata Code Pictures.

The film is about two Kabaddi Data Analyst working overnight at office to meet a deadline. They have an overbearing boss, a deadline, a bowl of Chicken & Rice and no one to accompany them. But Vinayak and Joseph will come face to face with something that’s worse than all of these problems.

Something that will scare the shit out of them…

The film is now available on Phata Code Pictures YouTube channel, please watch it till the end and let me know your feedback in below comment box.

If you liked our story…

Write out any horror stories you faced when spending a night at work in the comments below.

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Will soon write about making of this film.

Thanks for your support.

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