Windows Phone Hands On Lab at FAMT, Ratnagiri

On 13th October 2012, Ratnagiri – I along with ITSA Committee, FAMT organised Windows Phone Hands on Lab at FINOLEX ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, Ratnagiri on behalf of Mumbai User Group in Co- ordination with Microsoft Student Partners.

Bhagyashree Nene (ITSA Incharge, FAMT), Nitish Mahadik, Arjun Maurya, Mannan Kadri, Pratik Toshniwal (MSP),Hari Maurya,Diptesh Kumble, Abhishek Jalgaonkar, Vikrant Mudholkar, Rachit Shetty

The idea was to guide students on “How it’s easier to develop an Application for Windows Phone”. Because sometimes, it’s a common myth student feels that complex Programming is required to build high quality apps. But in case of building application, you need to have your idea, a clear vision on ‘How your apps should work?’ and you will get going.

We planned the event, and built up a team of Tech Co-ordinators which includes Vikrant Mudholkar, Arjun Maurya, Diptesh Kumble, Nitish Mahadik, Abhishek Jalgaonkar, Mannan Kadri and Rachit Shetty. These Co-ordinators are the Final year students of Finolex Academy and it was really surprising to see their diligence towards the participants.

From the Mumbai MSP team, Mr. Pratik Toshniwal was our AppTutor for this Hands on lab. Pratik Toshiwal is Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) and have sharp expertise for this lab.

The Lab was head started by Mr. Hari Maurya. He keynoted the session, revealed about the Microsoft User Groups and why we are doing this and explaining ‘I Unlock Joy’ Terms and Condition for the programs with few guidance related to the submission of the Apps.

After that, Mr. Vikrant Mudhokar demonstrated the exciting features of Windows Phone and enlightening why Windows Phone differs from other Smartphones.

Later on, here comes the star of the event, our AppTutor – Mr. Pratik Toshniwal. He gently started the Lab, voicing know-how about Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and whole development process. He was remarkably awesome throughout the session, from Visual Studio interface to Silverlight platform introduction, demonstrating the easiest way to develop the Applications.

During the session, we had some fun punching codes, our active co-ordinators were guiding the participants and the event went well.

The event was a wonderful experience for all those participants, they learned that “Creating an App is as much fun as using it”, now each participant is building something and have their own dreams to code.

At the end of the session, we distributed participation certificates and Dreamspark keys for each participant.

A Special thanks to Pallavi Dwivedi ( Mumbai MSP Lead), Jenil Vasani, Rahul Manekari and Sreekant Nandkumar. And also, I would like to thank everyone who was directly or indirectly involved with the success of this event.

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